Shetland Laurin 62

This is a knife I mounted for my wife’s uncle who kindly gave me a brand new lobster pot he made himself last year! The knife is built on a Laurin stainless steel blade and in the colours of the Shetland Islands where he lives and fishes!

Lauri 62 Stainless with Walnut and Reindeer handle

For this project, I decided to grind the back of the blade over 4 or 5mm in order sit the bolster at an angle and keep all the other components of the handle at the same angle.


I also made the bolster in two pieces of brass (5mm and 3mm separated by a 1mm black vulcanised fibre spacer.

The sheath is made of 2.5mm vegetable tanned leather, punched while wet, then dyed and stitched using a saddle stitch.

Lauri Sheath 1

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Helle Ola-Kniv blade, Reindeer Antler and Walnut (Lame Helle Ola-Kniv, Bois de Renne et Noyer)

For this project, I chose a small laminated stainless steel blade by Helle (Ola-Kniv) , reindeer antler and black acrylic spacers, and a piece of walnut recycled from an old stock from a Mannlicher Rifle…

Pour la réalisation de ce projet, j’ai choisi une petite lame en acier inox laminé norvégienne Helle Ola-Kniv. Le traditionnel bois de renne se devait de figurer sur un couteau scandinave, séparé du manche en noyer par des entretoises en acrylic noire. Le noyer provient d’une crosse réformée de carabine Steyr-Mannlicher…


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